From More Juhas than Women CEOs to Greater Gender Diversity: A Progress Report on Female Leaders in the Helsinki Stock Exchange

Women have surpassed men in becoming CEOs of listed companies

In 2015, there were more CEOs of listed companies named Juha than women, according to recent calculations by responsibility consultant Kaisa Hernberg. However, now in Helsinki, there are more women CEOs than Juha CEOs. Hernberg notes that diversity has significantly increased at the Helsinki Stock Exchange, with the current share of women CEOs of listed companies slightly exceeding seven percent. Despite surpassing Juhas in numbers, Hernberg believes there is still room for improvement in achieving greater gender diversity among CEOs.

The calculations made by the Union of Women’s Affairs in 2015 showed that at that time, more listed companies were led by men named Juha rather than women. However, the number of female CEOs in listed companies seems to have decreased since last year, according to the Central Chamber of Commerce’s annual review of female managers. Data collected by the Chamber of Commerce shows that the number of female CEOs rose from one to around ten in the mid-2010s, where it has remained for the past few years.

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In conclusion, while progress has been made towards gender diversity among CEOs at the Helsinki Stock Exchange

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