WindWings, Groke Pro and Autonomous Navigation: The Future of Sustainable Shipping

Collaboration between Bar Technologies and Groke for Autonomous Navigation

In 2017, Mitsubishi Corporation’s Kamsarmax bulk carrier, Pyxis Ocean, was built and chartered by Cargill. The vessel was the first to be retrofitted with WindWings wind sails, developed by Bar Technologies and Yara Marine Technologies. To address visibility issues caused by the sails, the Groke Pro situational awareness system from Groke Technologies in Finland was approved by DNV and installed on the ship.

After successful voyages monitored by Groke, Bar Technologies and Yara Marine Technologies have teamed up with Finnish technology company Groke to develop autonomous navigation systems for vessels with WindWings. The Groke Pro system provides images to bridge personnel from various locations around the vessel using sensor fusion technology that combines data from sensors, radar, AIS information, and Groke’s cameras. Machine vision and machine learning tools support the crew with accurate information for decision-making, including real-time risk analysis.

John Cooper, CEO of Bar Technologies, sees this partnership as a significant step towards combining low carbon propulsion with the latest automation technologies. He emphasizes the importance of overcoming operational challenges through innovation or partnerships with industry specialists. Juha Rokka, CEO of Groke Technologies, expressed confidence in their technology and expertise to contribute to higher safety standards and a cleaner future in the shipping industry.

In conclusion, this partnership between Bar Technologies and Yara Marine Technologies along with Groke Technologies is a significant step forward in developing sustainable solutions for the shipping industry. With WindWings wind sails installed on Pyxis Ocean and autonomous navigation systems powered by Groke Pro situational awareness system in place, we can expect more efficient and environmentally friendly shipping practices in the future.

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