SRV Companies Expands Board and Grants Authorization for Share Acquisition

SRV Welcomes Two New Board Members

Ari Lehtoranta has been appointed as chairman of the board for construction company SRV Companies. Additionally, new board members Tuomas Kokkila and Ari Lehtoranta were elected to the board. The company’s press release announced the re-election of Matti Ahokas, Hannu Leinonen, and Heli Iisakka. During the general meeting, it was decided, based on the board’s proposal, that the company will not distribute a dividend for the 2023 financial year.

As part of its latest strategic move, SRV Companies has granted its board with authorization to acquire up to 1.7 million of its own shares. This means that the company can now own a maximum of 10 percent of all its shares at any given time, including those owned by subsidiaries. The authorization also allows for the transfer of 1.7 million own shares, valid until June 30, 2025.

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