SkinBetter Science: Revolutionizing Skincare through Cutting-Edge Technology and Clinical Validation

Enhancing Your Skin with SkinBetter Science: A Guide to Medical Aesthetic Skincare

SkinBetter Science, a medical aesthetic skincare brand launched by L’Oréal Canada, is poised to revolutionize the skincare industry with its cutting-edge proprietary technologies. The brand boasts seven patented technologies, 12 peer-reviewed publications, 42 clinical studies, and 87 toxicological studies that support its claims of efficacy and safety.

SkinBetter Science is committed to unraveling the science of skincare through three core principles: breakthrough technological innovations, clinical validation focused on safety and efficacy, and collaborations with dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and other healthcare professionals. The brand will be available in approximately 100 medical aesthetic clinics across Canada.

In addition to its popular AlphaRet formula, six new products from SkinBetter Science are being introduced to the Canadian market. These products are designed to address specific skincare concerns for individuals looking for effective solutions without causing irritation or discomfort. Whether you’re seeking firmer skin or graceful aging solutions, SkinBetter Science has got you covered with its innovative range of products.

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