Saudi Arabia Urges Global Community to Halve Gaza Violence: Calls for Immediate Cease-Fire During Ramadan

The Arab world embraces the UN decision as a crucial and vital advancement.

Saudi Arabia urged the international community to stop Israeli attacks on Gaza civilians, end their suffering and provide hope to the Palestinian people. The kingdom called for an immediate cease-fire in Gaza during Ramadan, leading to a permanent cease-fire, the release of hostages and increased humanitarian aid to civilians in the Strip.

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry welcomed the Security Council’s decision for a cease-fire in Gaza after months of Israeli military operations. Egypt emphasized the need to stop bloodshed and prevent civilian losses while allowing humanitarian aid to reach all parts of the Strip.

Jordan also supported the resolution for an immediate cease-fire in Gaza, urging Israel to comply with it and protect civilians. Jordan stressed that implementing this resolution was crucial for achieving a permanent cease-fire and protecting the two-state solution.

The Palestinian Foreign Ministry viewed the call for an immediate cease-fire as a step towards ending aggression, withdrawing Israeli forces from occupied territories and releasing captives. International efforts were seen as necessary to ensure that Gaza receives aid, prevents displacement and ends famine.

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