Russian President Putin Blames Attack on Concert Hall near Moscow on ‘Radical Islamists’ as Human Rights Activists Criticize Torture Allegations

Putin Blames Ukraine and “Radical Islamists”

Russian President Vladimir Putin has blamed the attack on a concert hall near Moscow on “radical Islamists,” while also suggesting it may be part of a broader intimidation campaign in Ukraine. The attack, which resulted in at least 137 casualties, has led to the arrest of seven terror suspects, with four appearing before a judge on Sunday evening.

The allegations that the suspects were tortured by Russian security forces have drawn criticism from human rights activists, including Russia’s human rights association “Komanda protiw pytok” (Team Against Torture). They condemned the use of violence and harassment, stating that such actions could lead investigations in the wrong direction and increase societal willingness to use violence.

Despite claims by the Islamic State terrorist militia that they were responsible for the attack, Putin and other Russian officials have accused Ukraine of involvement without providing evidence. The White House has dismissed these claims as Kremlin propaganda, emphasizing that the attack was carried out by fighters from ISIS.

As 97 injured individuals continue to receive treatment in hospitals, the aftermath of the attack is ongoing in the Moscow region. Flowers have been laid at an improvised memorial site by grieving individuals in remembrance of the victims.

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