Rising Tensions: French Schools on High Alert as ISIS Threatens to Attack in Paris and Southern France

The tension rises as threats of attacks prompts evacuation of hundreds of students in over 20 schools in France

In the aftermath of an attack in Russia by ISIS K that targeted France, schools in Paris have been placed under “emergency attack alert” status. At least 20 schools received terrorist threats between Tuesday night and Wednesday, with affected institutions located in the XII, XV, XIX, and XVI neighborhoods of the French capital.

One of the affected schools, Pierre Alviset high school in the V neighborhood of Paris, had to evacuate all students and staff before 9 am due to threats of a terrorist nature. Another school, Jean de la Fontaine high school in the 16th neighborhood, was evacuated after a bomb threat that forced 1700 students to go home while police searched the premises.

The Federation of Parents of Public Education Students in Paris urged parents to monitor their children’s online activities to prevent exposure to graphic videos of beheadings and other terrorist content. The threats received by schools via ENT system included references to bomb threats and such content.

In the south of France, dozens of high schools also received threats via ENT targeting teachers, students and parents. Fear and intimidation within the educational community have made reporting threats difficult especially concerning issues related to secularism and wearing veils by Muslim students.

The recent resignation of Lycée Maurice-Ravel’s director following death threats for enforcing secularism and requesting a student remove her veil has raised concerns about educators’ safety in France. This incident along with previous attacks on teachers highlights challenges faced by educators upholding secular values while ensuring their own safety and that of their students.

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