Optimares Takes Flight with its Sustainable Business-Class Concept: SoFab

Discover the Innovative Business Class Seat Design with a Sofa-Bed Feature

Optimares, a boutique Italian aerospace company, is making waves in the airline industry with its innovative business-class concept, the “SoFab.” This design focuses on sustainability by using fewer materials to reduce weight and fuel burn while still prioritizing comfort and space. In fact, the SoFab’s bed is 25% larger than those found in similar business-class cabins.

The SoFab airline business-class seat uses a convertible sofa bed instead of a fully lie-flat reclining seat, providing more passenger space while weighing significantly less than other options. The sleek and cost-focused design has captured the attention of industry professionals and has been shortlisted for sustainability from RedCabin Awards. Additionally, it was a finalist for the International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2024.

Every pound saved is crucial in the airline industry as it impacts fuel burn and the company’s bottom line. With its innovative approach to sustainability, Optimares is making a mark in the industry as a leader in modern aircraft cabin design.

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