NFL Trade Deadline Moves Back by Two Weeks in 2024 Season: Andrew Berry’s Proposal Gains Support, Pittsburgh Steelers Push for One-Week Extension”.

NFL trade deadline extended to after Week 9

The NFL trade deadline is set to change in the upcoming 2024 season, with a proposal from Cleveland Browns general manager Andrew Berry gaining support from multiple teams to move it back two weeks after Week 10. However, the Pittsburgh Steelers’ proposal to push the deadline back only one week received the necessary approval to pass.

Berry’s rationale for the original proposal was to provide teams with greater flexibility as they approached the second half of the regular season. This move was seen as a way to maintain competitive integrity and give teams more time before considering roster changes. Berry also pointed out that the trade deadline had not been adjusted when the NFL transitioned to an 18-week regular season schedule, and this new deadline after Week 9 is seen as a compromise that allows for added flexibility while ensuring teams remain competitive heading into the latter part of the season.

Starting this season, teams will have until 4 p.m. ET on November 5 to finalize any deals before the second half of the regular season begins. Since 2012, the NFL trade deadline has fallen on the Tuesday after Week 8, but this change will provide teams with more time and flexibility as they navigate through the latter part of the season.

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