New Partnership between Young Black Motivated Kings and Queens and Citizens Science Lab Offers STEAM Education to Kids in Underserved Communities

Penn Hills benefits from Citizens Science Lab and YBMKQ partnership with STEAM education opportunities

The Young Black Motivated Kings and Queens organization and the Citizens Science Lab have formed a partnership that will provide STEAM education to dozens of kids in Penn Hills over the next five years. Dr. Andre Samuel, founder of the Citizens Science Lab, led an experiment that showcased the types of activities the young participants will engage in at the community center on a daily basis.

Dr. Samuel emphasized the importance of this partnership for black and underserved communities, highlighting the lack of African Americans holding PhDs in the biological and life sciences nationwide. By introducing more black students to the field of science, the hope is to address issues that directly impact their communities.

The Young Black Motivated Kings and Queens organization offers after-school programming and summer camps for children in elementary through high school at an affordable cost for families. With approximately 60 kids participating in their daily after-school activities, the addition of science programming will enhance the educational opportunities available to these students.

This partnership will not only benefit these kids but also help bridge the gap between underrepresented groups and science education. For more information about enrolling your child in the after-school or summer programming offered by Young Black Motivated Kings and Queens, visit their website.

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