New Director at OC Health Care Agency: Dr. Veronica Kelley Leads Efforts to Improve Access to Behavioral Health Services

Dr. Veronica Kelley has been named as the new director of OC Health Care Agency by the Orange County Register

In Orange County, Dr. Veronica Kelley has been promoted to the position of director at the OC Health Care Agency. Previously, she served as chair of the agency’s behavioral health division and has been leading the county’s behavioral health services since December 2021. The promotion came after former director Dr. Clayton Chau left the post in June.

CEO Frank Kim expressed his excitement about Dr. Kelley stepping into her new role in a statement, praising her leadership skills and ability to navigate changes in mental health and recovery care services. With over 33 years of experience in the behavioral health field and nearly 25 years as a licensed clinical social worker, Dr. Kelley brings a wealth of expertise to her new position.

Dr. Kelley began her career at the Health Care Agency in 1999, working in the behavioral health department before moving on to the San Bernardino County Department of Behavioral Health for 13 years, including six years as its director. She returned to the HCA in 2021 and has since been instrumental in reorganizing the department to better address changes related to Medi-Cal.

One of Dr. Kelley’s key accomplishments has been collaborating with local law enforcement to divert mental health and homeless calls from traditional responders to mental health workers, which has had a significant impact on improving access to behavioral health services in Orange County. Her promotion became effective on March 22, allowing her to continue her important work in this area while also providing leadership for other healthcare professionals working within the agency.

Overall, Dr. Kelley’s promotion is an exciting opportunity for Orange County residents seeking more accessible and effective behavioral health services from their healthcare providers.

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