MAC Unveils New Women’s Volleyball Format for Upcoming Season: A Closer Look at the Changes

MAC Unveils 2024 Schedule for Women’s Volleyball League

The Mid-American Conference (MAC) has recently announced changes to its women’s volleyball regular season format, with the aim of creating a more unified approach within the league. One major change is the elimination of divisions, which will provide a more balanced schedule for all teams involved.

In addition to this, the conference has introduced new travel partners for all 12 MAC teams. Each team will play seven other programs twice, with three two-match series held at home and two on the road. This will allow for greater interaction between teams and foster a closer bond between paired programs.

For the upcoming 2024 season, Ball State’s travel partner will be Miami. The Cardinals’ home schedule will include matches against Bowling Green, Akron, Buffalo, Eastern Michigan, Miami, and Western Michigan. On the road, they will travel to Central Michigan, Miami, Ohio, Kent State, Northern Illinois, and Toledo for their away matches. These changes are designed to enhance the competitive nature of the conference and provide a more balanced schedule for all teams involved.

The upcoming season will consist of an 18-match league schedule for each team. Teams will have the opportunity to face each other once in a two-match series at home or away. Additionally, each squad will have the opportunity to face four league programs once in a single match at home or away.

These changes aim to create a more challenging and competitive environment for volleyball teams in the MAC while also providing opportunities for fans to see exciting matchups throughout the season.

Overall, these changes reflect the MAC’s commitment to improving its women’s volleyball program by providing more opportunities for players to develop their skills and compete at a higher level. With these changes in place, fans can expect an exciting season of high-quality volleyball action within this unified conference.

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