Ice Cream Dreams on Hold: Saginaw Business Struggles with Unexpected Closure

Saginaw Business Frustrated by Lengthy Intersection Closure

In the midst of the peak season, a Saginaw ice cream shop is facing frustration due to an unexpected closure that will last for months. Construction closed the intersection of Sheridan Avenue and Hess Avenue on Monday, March 25, causing surprise and concern for commuters and businesses in the area.

Fred Temple, who works at Hand Dipped Ice Cream on Sheridan Avenue, was taken aback by the hard hats and orange barrels blocking the intersection. The reconstruction project on the street is not expected to be completed until Aug. 9, leaving local businesses struggling to cope with the disruption caused by the closure.

Temple expressed his frustration with the closure, stating that he believes there could have been a better way to conduct the project without disrupting businesses in the area. Despite this setback, Temple remains optimistic about Hand Dipped Ice Cream’s future prospects. He encourages customers to visit their shop and enjoy their products such as tacos, tostadas, and 30 flavors of ice cream. Additionally, Temple plans Fourth of July fireworks and hopes that customers will continue to visit despite the road closure.

In addition to Sheridan and Hess Avenues, Gratiot Avenue (M-46) is also closed between Malzahn Street and Wheeler Street in Saginaw until Friday afternoon due to utility work. This combination of road closures has caused inconvenience for commuters and businesses in the area but Temple hopes that they will continue to find ways to adapt and thrive in this situation.

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