Greenfield and West Allis Health Departments Merge to Improve Public Health Services in the Southwest Suburbs”.

Merger of Greenfield and West Allis Health Departments

In a move to improve public health services for the communities of West Allis and Greenfield, the Greenfield Health Department and West Allis Health Department have merged to form the new Southwest Suburban Health Department. The merger was announced in a press release on March 27, with both cities’ common councils approving it.

The creation of the Southwest Suburban Health Department signifies a commitment to improving public health services in the region through cooperation and shared resources. Funding for the department will be provided by both cities and state health grants, with an intergovernmental agreement for a five-year term in place. A joint board of health will oversee its operations.

Mayor Dan Devine of West Allis highlighted the collaborative history between the two departments, expressing his excitement at formalizing their approach through the new department. He believes it will allow them to strategically and effectively meet the needs of the public more efficiently and comprehensively than before.

Greenfield Mayor Michael Neitzke also emphasized the advantages of merging public health departments, stating that it will lead to a more streamlined and focused delivery of community and environmental health services to all residents served by the department. With this new entity, both cities are committed to providing better healthcare services and improving overall well-being in their communities.

The Southwest Suburban Health Department aims to consolidate public health services for West Allis and Greenfield by establishing a unified entity that delivers more efficient and comprehensive care. This move is expected to provide benefits not only to residents but also to healthcare providers who will have access to more resources and expertise.

The merger represents a significant step forward in improving public health outcomes for both communities, highlighting their commitment towards achieving better healthcare services for all residents.

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