El Salvador’s New President Announces Massive Military Operation to Combat Gang Violence

Bukele declares state of emergency in El Salvador to crackdown on gangs

The newly re-elected President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, announced on Sunday the beginning of a massive military operation in the northern part of the country to combat criminal activities carried out by gangs. This decision came in response to two recent homicides in the region. Bukele stated that the perpetrators, who were members of the 18 Sureños gang, had already been captured.

Currently, five thousand soldiers and a thousand police officers have surrounded several neighborhoods in San José Cancasque, San Antonio Los Ranchos, Potonico and San Isidro Labrador to dismantle criminal activities. Bukele emphasized that the operation would continue until all remnants of gang activities were eradicated.

Similar operations have been conducted in the past, including one in the Cabañas region last year involving eight thousand personnel resulting in the arrest of crime leaders. Since taking office in 2019, Bukele has been known for his efforts in fighting organized crime, which has led to a significant decrease in El Salvador’s homicide rate.

Under Bukele’s administration, strict measures have been implemented against crime, resulting in a drastic reduction in El Salvador’s homicide rate. The president’s actions have been widely supported by Salvadoran citizens, with thousands of criminals having been arrested and incarcerated during his tenure. This has contributed to a safer environment for citizens throughout the country.

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