Breaking News: UN Approves Ceasefire for Gaza, Defying Trump and Netanyahu’s Policies

Security Council Approves Historic Ceasefire Call in Gaza

For the first time in over six months since the Gaza war erupted, the United Nations has approved a ceasefire resolution for the Palestinian territory. This decision is of significant political weight as it marks the first time that the Security Council has seen four similar initiatives vetoed by the United States. On this occasion, Washington has abstained from voting, which means that it is putting in black and white its growing differences with Israel’s government led by Benjamin Netanyahu.

The resolution calls for an end to hostilities and for Hamas to release the hostages they have been holding since October 7th, which number 254 according to Israel. The proposal was made by the 10 non-permanent members of the council and was supported by four permanent members – Great Britain, France, China, and Russia – with no vote from the US. This decision comes at a critical time in the war, with Israeli forces preparing to enter Rafah City during Ramadan, a particularly sensitive period for Muslims.

The Biden administration has repeatedly called on Israel not to attack Rafah, as US Secretary of State Antony Blinken did last week during his visit to Israel. He warned that such an action could isolate Israel in the world and endanger its security in the long term. However, disagreements between Tel Aviv and Washington about how to handle the conflict have occurred almost from day one of Biden’s presidency. The Biden administration would prefer a more selective offensive instead of Israel’s total war campaign that has so far given poor military results. Hamas remains active and most of its terrorist infrastructure network is intact while there is a humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza due to factors such as limited shipments of food and humanitarian aid caused by Israeli decisions and proliferation of armed gangs in northern Palestine that fill power vacuum left by Hamas.

Despite warnings from leaders around the world about military aid being linked to ceasefires or prisoner releases, including from UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres himself earlier this month when he said “We cannot continue like this,” The US has not suspended its military aid to Israel at any point during these negotiations or after approval of this resolution. In fact, reports suggest that it may even increase funding for Israeli military operations in Gaza following this ceasefire agreement. This threatens Joe Biden’s re-election chances as it limits his popularity among young people and Arab American minority voters who are crucial for him winning in November 5th elections.

Republican Party leader Mitch McConnell fully defends Netanyahu’s position on ending hostilities with Hamas without conditions on releasing kidnapped people or changing any other aspects of their current agreement with Egypt and Jordan while also urging them “to finish off Hamas.” Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump urged Israelis not to make any concessions towards Hamas saying “I can tell you we will never ever allow peace unless they stop shooting rockets into our cities.”

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