Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun Resigns Amid Scrutiny and Safety Issues

Boeing CEO Steps Down Amid Crisis

Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun has announced that he will be resigning from his position at the end of 2024. Along with him, Larry Kellner, chairman of the company’s board, will also be stepping down. Steve Mollenkopf will take over the role of chairman.

Stan Deal, CEO of the Commercial Airplanes business unit, has also announced that he will be retiring.

Calhoun served as CEO of Boeing for four years and stated in an interview with CNBC that he made the decision to resign himself. However, the reason for his departure was not specified in the company’s press release.

Boeing has faced scrutiny in recent months due to safety issues with its aircraft. Several incidents have occurred, including the loss of parts during flights and emergency landings. The US Department of Justice has initiated a criminal investigation into one of these incidents.

Despite these challenges, Boeing remains committed to ensuring the safety and reliability of its aircraft and addressing any issues that may arise while maintaining the trust of its customers and stakeholders.

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